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Why Jordan skin, hair and beauty Clinic is the first priority to choose?

The beauty, fitness and health concepts of familiarity that these days have made new color and definition. The most important thing at the time of decision making is to choose the best. Best practices, the best physician and the best clinics. To pay attention to the time and expense that it is supposed to be put to the best possible results, the clinic of the skin, hair and beauty of Jordan is ready to take the most up-to-date facilities and equipment, as well as expert and experienced staff, from the first step to Be the best result with your dear applicants. To connect with us, you can contact Jordan’s Specialized clinic call number.

Services of the clinic of dermatology, hair and beauty Jordan

Hair Transplant

All people looking for the best hair transplant method are now in Jordan Clinic The natural and growing hair transplant is done according to the patient’s care and diagnosis of a hair transplant method for the patient.

Gel Injection

Gel injection is one of the outpatient and fast cosmetic surgeries to create various corrections in the face and body such as restoring and increasing the facial volume, increasing the size of the lips, reducing wrinkles, frown lines and laughter and form the nose and… .


It is an updated and uncomplicated way to relieve skin problems naturally. That, by creating small and superficial holes, stimulate collagen in the skin.


Natural treatment method for strengthening hair and skin is used to inject the enriched plasma into the person, which is the growth factors and stem cells belonging to the patient’s body.

Botox injections

Botox is a replacement therapy for aesthetic surgeries like skin pulling. That are done for many occasions such as the elimination of wrinkles and lines of different areas of the face.

Hair Mesotherapy

In this method, the substances in the depth of one millimeter of the scalp will be injected. This method can remove hair loss, hair regrowth, and improve hair bulbs

Facial Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is one of the non treatments Skin Rejuvenation Is. By injecting materials in the middle layer of skin, it causes rejuvenation, tightening and regenerating the skin by producing collagen and elastin.

Laser hair loss

Liz is the pulsed hair of light that is caused by the degradation of the hair follicle causing a lack of hair regrowth. A specific interval is required to eliminate all hair in several treatment sessions.

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